August 16, DeFazio Town Hall - Eugene

I attended a town hall meeting by Peter DeFazio at the Eugene City Council Chambers room.

Peter DeFazio stood behind the lectern and spoke to a full room of people, mostly Peter fawners.   He spent a considerable amount of time discussing transportation issues and how important it was to have money for bridges and roads.  He was very passionate and made it sound like this was the most important issue we had.   He went on and on.  It seemed to me that he was filibustering in order to use up as much time as possible.  In fact, one of his modus operandi  is typically to tell personal stories, I believe, in order to use up his time.  On this particular night and, in fact, as a general rule, DeFazio allows an hour or so for the Eugene town hall so that he can get to Springfield in order to do a town hall meeting there.  It is very convenient to be able to say “I’m sorry but I need to leave in order to get to the next town hall.”  There were many people who still had questions which remained unanswered.  In contrast to this example, Art Robinson makes it his habit to remain at a venue/meeting until everyone’s questions are answered.

Peter spends most of his time insulting Republicans and Republican plans.  He speaks in generalities, and above all, he tells untruths.  He focuses on pitting the rich against the poor and tries to make people who have money out to be evil and selfish.  I found myself calling him a liar over and over again in a soft-pitched voice but loud enough for the people directly next to me to hear me.  One lady next to me asked  if I was going to do that through the entire talk - that she was going to move if I planned to continue.  I said I was likely to continue and if she didn’t like it she was welcome to move.  She did.

Peter did take a few questions from the audience.  That is usually safe to do in Eugene because 98% of the people who show up at that particular town hall venue are his rabid supporters.  One questioner asked him to state his thoughts about Paul Ryan.  Peter said he and Paul Ryan exercise together regularly and that Paul Ryan is actually a nice guy, even though they disagree on issues.  It seemed like he wanted to say something unkind about Paul Ryan but that Ryan is actually such a nice guy that Peter just couldn’t come up with anything. 

An elderly lady stood and attempted to wax eloquent about her main issue of importance; man-made global warming.  After listening for several minutes while she made her point, I chimed in that people needed to go online and look at the Petition with 1,000’s and 1,000’s of natural scientists’ signatures stating there is no proof of man-made global warming.  I stated that Art Robinson was one of the people who initiated that petition.  Peter DeFazio’s comment was that Mickey Mouse’s name was on that petition.  I was not able to continue with my line of thinking as I had not actually been called upon.

Later Peter DeFazio said there is no such thing as voter fraud—that it is a lot of hype without any proof.  Again I inserted myself into the conversation and stated that Al Franken, Senator in Minnesota, was elected by voter fraud because they counted felons’ votes and several of those felons have since been prosecuted and convicted accordingly.  Enough other felons were found to have illegally voted (with research showing that felons typically vote Democrat) that the election result would have been reversed and Franken would have lost.  There were also other irregularities in that election to put the results in question. 

See:   DeFazio denied that Franken was elected fraudulently by saying something like “We all know what that was about.”  Again, because I had inserted myself in the conversation, I was not able to continue the conversation to further clarify my point.

By then people were telling me to stop interrupting.  I said that DeFazio would never call on me so in order to make any points contrary to his lies and brain-washing, I needed to jump into the conversation.  The lady next to me stated that I had been called on, to which I said that was untrue.

In the end, I believed that I inserted myself enough to make Peter DeFazio and his audience of worshippers know there were other perspectives that differed from theirs.