Measure 101 = Higher Taxes

If Measure 101 is passed, it will put a tax on healthcare premiums, further increasing the cost of healthcare on the middle class who can't afford it.   Further, it will send a message to Salem that they can keep kicking the can down the road instead of fixing the problems they have created.  Vote NO on Measure 101.

The Oregonian Guest Columnist
By Dr. Cedric Hayden   December 31, 2017
The law signed by Gov. Kate Brown is inequitable, unsustainable and patently unfair. It puts the burden of funding Medicaid on the backs of those struggling to pay their own premiums as year-over-year, double-digit rate increases have left families with health insurance payments that cost more than their rent or mortgage. It allowed Oregon's largest corporations, unions and insurance companies to abdicate their financial responsibility for what should be a shared societal cost.  

The bill also shifted $25 million from our public schools at a time Oregon suffers from one of the worst graduation rates, highest class sizes and largest chronic absenteeism problem in America. Read More...

The Bend Bulletin said this:

Measure 101 imposes a sales tax, pure and simple, on revenues collected by health-care and health-insurance providers across the state, as if they are somehow responsible for OHP’s gap in funding.
Moreover, the 2017 Legislature, rather than addressing the long-term problems the state budget faces, punted, cobbled up a tax and left the real difficulties unaddressed.

Virtually all Oregonians will pay this tax if Measure 101 passes, and lawmakers will get the message: Disguise a new tax by levying it on, not the user of the service but the supplier, and Oregonians will swallow it whole. Vote “no” on Measure 101.  Read More...