Gov.Brown: Caught Red-Handed

Nov. 9, 2017 - Priority Oregon

Governor Brown’s week just went from bad to worse.

First, she found out the Oregon Health Authority wasted $74 million in Oregon taxpayer dollars under her watch.

Then, she refused to do anything about it.

Finally, she demanded the OHA get that money back from the health care providers they overpaid, but only after she was caught red-handed wasting taxpayer dollars.

For three years, the OHA paid health care providers at least $74 million in federal Medicaid dollars for patients who were already covered by Medicare. Governor Brown didn’t know about the overpayments for over a year.

What kind of leader allows such an expensive mistake to go unnoticed?

It’s bad enough that Governor Brown tried to ignore her $74 million problem after she learned about the wasted taxpayer dollars. Even worse, she has failed to hold those who made the mistake accountable.

For someone who ran a campaign on transparency and government accountability, Governor Brown is not living up to her promises. But what else can we expect from someone who acts like she is the “queen of Oregon”?

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Your Priority Oregon Team

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