Special Election, Nov 7, 2017

Lane County has 10 measures on the upcoming November 7th Special Election.  Most of these measures are for funding of Police and Fire Services, School Bonds and marijuana taxes.  The majority of ballots will only have one or a few of these measures on them, depending on where you live.  Two of the measures (seen below) are a bit different than the usual bond request and an impression of each is noted.

20-274 City of Eugene Amends Charter: Election to fill vacant Mayor or Councilor position

Takes away the people's ability to chose who represents them in these positions.


20-275 City of Eugene Bonds to Fix Streets, Fund Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects

Puts more monetary stress on property owners instead of people who use the bike and pedestrian paths.  Taxes we pay on our auto gasoline are already earmarked to pay for street repairs; this would create double taxation on many residents of Lane County.

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