Party Chair Injured

Sept 18, 2017LCRP Chairman Wayne Lemler suffered injuries from a car running into him as he was on his motorcycle last week. When asked about his condition, Chairman Lemler said, "With the coming year being pivotal to our governor’s race and other local elected positions, I find, under these circumstances, that I am physically unable to devote the necessary focus to duties the Chairmanship requires and may not be able to do so for a long time."

With the Party's future in the balance he continued, "In the best interest of the Party, I have decided to resign as the Chairman of the Lane County Republican Party effective immediately.   I have spoken with our Vice-Chairman, Rodney Cooper, and have informed him of my decision.  I am fully confident that Rodney has the ability and desire to lead our Party as it continues its journey into the 2018 election year.    I will continue to support and participate in our effort to get Conservative Republicans elected, as I am able in the coming year."

We welcome Rodney Cooper as the interim Chair and wish him success.