Flag Day Raffle Drawing, June 14, 2017

Thank You Everyone, for your support of our fundraising raffle, thanks to you – it was a big success!
We had a great crowd at the drawing last night, Loren Spivack can explain economics like no one else and Dr. Diann Morrison-Wilson gave an equally inspiring talk about the new direction America is taking. 
Thanks and best birthday wishes went to President Trump - the first president this country has seen in a long time who is standing up for the People of America instead of special interests.
Three names were drawn for the raffle, at the suggestion of Neal Caloia, owner of Gun Pro Shooting Supplies in Springfield, who partnered with us for this raffle.  This was done as a backup in case the first winner does not want the gun for whatever reason, or can’t pass a background check, etc.
Congratulations to the lucky winner of the raffle drawing! You may see a short video of the ticket drawing by clicking the image below...

Guest speaker Loren Spivack draws the winning ticket as Chair Lemler holds the box of entries.

Chirs Wible of Eugene is our second runner up, and Joseph Rice of Grants Pass is third. 
Watch for upcoming announcements of our next raffle starting in July, and join us for our next Republican Get-Together, Aug 3, 2017 ~ feel free to bring some friends with you too!
July will be busy with Independence Day festivities.   Please sign up to walk with us and other patriots in the parade on July 4th, and/or help promote our Republic by helping out for a few hours at the Lane County Republican Fair  Booth July 19-23, 2017

Thank you!