Living in denial.

Governor Kate Brown, Oregon Democrats Fundraise Off Failed Obamacare
Despite News of Mismanagement, Waste, and Skyrocketing Premiums

ORP Press Release - May 24, 2017

A year after Oregon’s Obamacare co-op, Cover Oregon, collapsed, the failed healthcare law is still wreaking havoc on Oregon families with double-digit premium hikes expected for 2018 and disturbing news that the state dispensed millions of dollars in Medicaid assistance to ineligible recipients under Obamacare.  Despite this,

failing Democrat governor Kate Brown and her Democrat allies are shamelessly fundraising off of any attempts to replace the poorly-designed, self-destructing healthcare law, completely ignoring its catastrophic impact on Oregon families.  Their recent fundraising email dishonestly states:

...Republicans [are] actively trying to sabotage the Affordable Care Act just to push their false narrative that the ACA is failing.

The email then closes with this solicitation for a donation:

We can’t let Republicans get away with this sort of treachery.

Will you pitch in $10, $25, or $50 today and help us fight back and protect our health care?

The Oregon Democrats’ tone-deafness to Obamacare’s impact on our state is particularly puzzling as Oregon’s Obamacare experience has been one of the most obvious examples of the law’s failure, a failure they are dismissing as a “false narrative.”  Since they seem to be forgetting, here are just a few of the disastrous effects Obamacare has had on Oregonians.

  • Eight insurers have submitted requests for double-digit premium hikes for 2018 in Oregon under Obamacare, some as high as 21.8%.
  • The House Oversight And Government Reform Committee found that Oregon state officials misused $305 million in federal funds to implement Obamacare.
  • In the year before its closure, Cover Oregon directly cost state taxpayers $18.4 million mostly due to high claims by policyholders.
  • The recent erroneous Medicaid dispenses in Oregon under Obamacare may extend to up to 115,000 ineligible recipients, costing tens of millions of dollars.

“Kate Brown and her Oregon Democrat allies continue to bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the effects of Obamacare on our state and even fundraise while Oregon families pay the price. It is clear that they are more committed to blind hyper-partisan loyalty to national Democrat leaders trying to salvage and bail out Obamacare than they are to ensuring the well-being of the people of Oregon," stated Oregon GOP Chairman Bill Currier.

“It's high time that Governor Brown and her political allies face the consequences for the fiscal, administrative, and health care catastrophe they have unleashed on Oregonians - which they still think were successes,” added Currier.  “With Kate Brown touting ‘successes’ like Obamacare-Cover Oregon, Oregonians desperately need a change in leadership in 2018 in Salem, before she inflicts other disastrous ‘successes’ on our state.”

Oregon Republican Party
Communications Director
Kevin Hoar