Support Measure 20-271; Jail Levy

The Republican Party is in support of public safety as stated in our platform, we, therefore, recommend a yes vote on Measure 20-271.

2.1 We support the highest budget prioritization for the funding of public safety with appropriate truth in sentencing and mandatory minimum sentences; using enforcement as a deterrent, even including the use of the death penalty.

In this Special Election, voters are being asked to pass levies to support various causes within their communities.  The county-wide levy we are being asked to support at this election is for renewal of the jail and critical youth services; a five-year levy of $0.55 cents per $1,000 of assessed value.  For a house valued at $275,000, the tax would be $151.25/year.

Passage of this levy will prevent these kinds of criminals from being released into our communities due to "overcrowding" in the jail. 

In addition, funds generated from this tax are used only for this service and cannot be diverted to other programs.  How refreshing!  Please vote in favor of this levy for the safety of our county communities.