Should Presidents be Elected by Popular Vote?

The Popular Vote is how we vote for our Governor in Oregon (and other state-wide positions).  All gubernatorial votes are counted in each county, added together, and the person with the most votes is elected.  Counties that are heavily populated tend to "out-vote" counties that are less populated, tipping the representative scale to favor the heavier populated areas, which generally have different concerns and issues than the rural, less populated areas of the state.

The Electorial Vote is how our President is elected, and it works a bit differently.  The Electoral College was set up to give weight to smaller populated states like Oregon so we have a say and aren't just dictated to by larger populated states.  Click here to see a short video explaining this process.

A bill being presented in the legislature, HB 2927 enacts interstate compact for agreement among the states to elect the president by national popular vote.  This bill will have a public hearing on March 14th, 2017.  Please send a letter to the House Committee on Rules members telling them you do not want to change from the Electoral Vote, we want to keep our Republic!