Trump planning fundraiser, rally in Portland, source says - August 4, 2016

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Get ready Portland, Donald Trump may be coming soon. 

The Republican presidential candidate is planning a visit to Oregon later this month, according to a KGW source who confirmed the original report from The Washington Post.

The report says the Trump campaign will be making a trip to the West Coast at the end of August as part of a countrywide fundraising push. The campaign will hold events in Napa, California, San Francisco, Seattle and Portland from Aug. 29 to 31.

The report doesn't say whether Trump will attend the fundraiser. In addition to the fundraiser, a source familiar with the campaign plan told KGW the Trump campaign is also planning a rally in Portland in late August.

"Mr. Trump is taking Oregon very seriously and he'll be out here very soon to campaign and to win the suppport," said Jacob Daniels, Oregon State Director for the Trump campaign.

The campaign is also planning a fundraiser and rally in Washington this month as well. Don Benton, the Trump Washington State Chair, says fundraising location will be in King County.

"We absolutely know that Mr. Trump has committed to me personally that he will be her," Benton said.

Trump visited Oregon once during the primary with a trip to Eugene in May, days after he became the presumptive nominee. He also made a couple of stops in Washington.