ORP Delegate Selection Convention, and Rules

Pre-registration is required (early bird registration deadline is NOON on May 23, 2016) for the June 4th, 2016 ORP Delegate Selection Convention.   This is the date the Oregon Republican Party has set for the election of Delegates, Alternate Delegates, and At-Large Delegates to attend the Republican National Convention (RCN) in Cleveland Ohio, July 18 - 21, 2016, who will vote for the Republican presidential nominee.  Also elected at the June 4th convention will be the Presidential Electors for the Electoral College, and the officers for the Republican Party Congressional Districts (there are five CDs) .

Precinct Committeepersons (PCPs) who were elected in the May 17, 2016 primary, will vote for the Delegates to represent Oregon at the RNC.

PCPs who were elected as write-in candidates may have a hard time proving they were elected, as the election's clerk will not verify who those people are until June 6th - two days AFTER the ORP Delegate Selection Convention. If you wrote your name in on the yellow PCP ballot and had at least two other people write your name on their ballots too, please let us know here.

Anyone wishing to run as a Delegate for the RNC convention must send in an application to the ORP which includes a $50 fee.  You do NOT have to be a PCP to run for the delegate positions, but you must be a registered Republican for 180 days or more before the May 17, 2016 primary election.   The application has not yet been made available.

The June 4th ORP Delegate Selection Convention will be held at the state fairgrounds in Salem.  You may read the rules for this convention by clicking here.