Oregon State House Representative Dist. 9

The World - May 12, 2015

People who still believe in the Constitution have a decent candidate to write-in for House district nine, Republican Teri Grier. She is relatively new to the state, but has shown a commitment to the community. Teri organized numerous candidate forums drawing in several governor and federal congressional candidates.

Unfortunately, one turncoat Republican, Dave Kronsteiner, the port commission president for the Oregon International Port of Coos Bay, is trying to win Dist. 9 for the Democratic Party by asking his family and friends to write-in “Caddy McKeown” for the Republican Party write-in candidate. His support of a big-government Democrat shows a deep betrayal to fellow Republicans, while projecting the continuing attitude of the county’s unelected port commissioners, who are better known locally as today’s equivalent of the “Old Boy’s Network.”

More reasons to write-in a legitimate fiscal conservative and Second Amendment supporter, Teri Grier. She will work to get the port under the authority of the voters again, so the people will no longer have to live under the misguided decisions of governor appointed lackeys.