Oregon's Republican Delegate Election Convention

Delegate Selection Convention for the Republican National Convention
June 3-4, 2016 at Salem Fairgrounds

The Oregon Republican Party has been allocated 28 Delegates and 25 Alternates to the National Convention to vote for nominees for President of the United States.

All elected PCPs are eligible to vote for our state's Delegates and Alternates:

  • 3 automatic delegates are: ORP Chair (Bill Currier), National Committeeman (Solomon Yue), National Committeewoman (Donna Cain for the convention. Marylin Shannon is the new Committeewoman going forward)
  • 10 At-Large Delegates and 10 At-Large Alternates, voted on by all elected PCPs in the state at the convention. 
  • 15 Delegates, 3 from each of the 5 Congressional Districts. Same number of Alternates from each Congressional District (CD).  These Delegates and Alternates are voted on only by the elected PCPs from each district at the convention.  Also elected at this convention will be the CD Officers (these are four-year terms); the CD Chair and CD Vice-Chair become part of the State Executive Committee and the State Credentialing Committee.
  • 7 Presidential Electors will also be voted on by all elected PCPs.  These 7 Electors will cast Oregon's Electoral College votes after the General Election at the State Capital if the Republican Presidential Nominee wins the November General Election popular vote.

Requirement for becoming a delegate: Registered Republican for 180 days or more before the May 17, 2016 primary election. Applications will be available May 17th and are due by 5pm Tuesday, May 31.  Filing fee is $50.

You must pledge to support a Presidential candidate and do so in accordance with the ORP Bylaws.

All 28 delegates will be bound to Presidential candidates that are assigned proportionally based on the Oregon May 2016 Primary election results. 

At the Republican National Convention, Oregon Delegates are required to vote for the presidential candidate to which they are bound on the first two ballots at that convention. 

If no candidate receives 1,237 delegates during those first two ballots, Oregon's delegates become unbound and may vote for any candidate they wish in order to break the deadlock and produce a nominee.  Voting continues at this convention until this happens.

Cost to Delegates for this process is estimated to be $3,000 (airfare, hotel, food, extras).

Questions? Please call 541-342-4166