New Committeewoman Elected for Oregon Republican Party

Former Oregon State Senator Marylin Shannon was elected as National Committeewoman for the Oregon Republican Party on Saturday, April 2 at the ORP Convention, held in Medford, Oregon.  This is a four year term.  Ms. Shannon had received numerous endorsements from various county chairs and parties from around Oregon, as well as ORP Vice Chair Tyler Smith.  Mr. Smith gave his endorsement at the convention in a speech just prior to Ms. Shannon's speech.

What got the biggest applause during Ms. Shannon's speech is when she told the voting delegates if elected; she would keep them informed and up-to-date of happenings in the Republican National Committee. 

Solomon Yue retained his title of National Committeeman against rival Perry Atkinson. 

The Oregon Republican Party will be electing Delegates to vote for the 2016 presidential nominee on June 4, 2016 in Salem . Check back for updates on how you can become involved with this process.