KrisAnne Hall at the Zion Lutheran Church

Credits to the Benton County Republicans Newsletter for this article ~

The Benton County Republican Women sponsored KrisAnne Hall, a noted constitutional expert who has been visiting Oregon this past week.  There were about 75 people at the Zion Lutheran Church to hear her.
KrisAnne asked if we really knew what the First Amendment covers.  She said if we don't know what is in the First Amendment we may have already lost some of our rights.  She said our rights don't come from the Constitution or the government but from God.  Anything given by government can be taken away, but our Rights are innate to our humanity.

She asked what can one man do, and spoke movingly of James Otis, Jr. and the Writs of Assistance that were imposed on the colonies.  In 1761 as an attorney he sued the Crown over the Stamp Tax, even though he was under threat of being arrested for

treason.  After arguing his case for 5 hours, the Judge realized that the packed courthouse was with Otis.  He would not find for the crown or for Otis’s clients, but decided to ‘take the case under advisement’.  Nothing had changed, and yet everything changed.  In the audience were people like John Adams.   It is said that the seed of American Independence bloomed at this time.
KrisAnne and her husband JC travel the country for free to bring knowledge of the constitution and our rights to any that will hear her.  Sales of her books and DVD’s help to fund these trips.  We encourage all Republicans to visit her website and purchase her materials to gift to family members, particularly our teenagers.  They are not being taught America’s true history in school today.