EWEB Smart Meter Meeting (Oct.1st) Results

After pressure from various citizens groups over the course of 2 years pushing for a moratorium, EWEB Commissioners rubber stamped GM Roger Gray's plan for the opt in of "Smart Meters".

About 30 people spoke up in opposition to, or gave serious reservations about the installation of these Smart Meters. Many competent people spoke about the fact that the reasons to push this through is not at all about energy savings, it is about information gathering. Roger Gray promised that EWEB would not intentionally misuse any information that they collected, then went on to talk about how he can monitor his kids activities in another state!?

Since this topic began being discussed at EWEB, I have listened to various people in the community give testimony in direct opposition to these devices being installed. This list includes a retired geologist formerly of EWEB, 3 local physicians, a pharmacist, multiple school teachers, a retired Bonneville Power engineer, even an instructor from Lane Community College's Green Energy Program.

The Commissioner's minds were made up long ago on this project but the GM and Board President John Simpson have had to drastically cut back their plans to pursue a full Smart Meter Mesh Grid due to the hard work and persistence of the coalition of people from all different viewpoints who stood their ground on this issue.

Unfortunately EWEB Commissioners do not care for insightful educated ratepayers, and disregarded the notion of a moratorium.

What can we do about it?

1. There is talk of an effort to ban any data collecting device from being installed on our homes - per the 4th Ammendment - that will follow the lead of Colorado who will have such a measure on the ballot this November.

2. Sicophantic Board President John Simpson's (at large), and Commissioner John Brown's(wards 4 & 5) 4 year term end in 2014 and it will be up to us to make sure that they are not re-elected AND new Board Members believe in the most basic of Constitutional principles!

3. Share your thoughts about how EWEB completely disregards the ratepayers of Eugene in all media outlets, discuss with friends and family members to make sure others in the public become more informed and wake up to the issue of Smart Meters, and the issue of a Utility Board more concerned with "falling in line" than its own ratepayers!

Yours truly,

Matthew Nelson

Lane County Republican Party Executive Board Member