PCP & Friends Get Together - Aug. 27th - Standing Room Only!!

What a great meeting we had!  We had 54 PCPs and Friends attend.  The discussion on recruiting ideas was informative and imaginative and great suggestions were offered by those in attendance.  Thanks to all for their participation.  Of course the main event was our special guest speaker Dr. Art Robinson newly elected Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party.  His message was timely and encouraging, “Pull together and beat the Dems in 2014 and 2016!”  Not surprisingly, his plan to win was one based on scientific fundamentals.  His comments on why we will win were simple and poignant “Our principles are right and morally correct.”   


Of the many comments and observations Art made (he spoke and answered questions for approximately 1 ½ hours) that showed me what a great leader Art is when he said “Enough meetings on what we want as Republicans, all future meetings should be on getting people organized and out the door.”  In other words the time for talking is over, now is the time for effective action.  I personally look forward to helping our new State Chairman defeat the Dems!  I hope you all will join me in this endeavor.
Wayne Lemler

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