A request from our Chair, Loren Later

Fellow Patriots:

          We have only 125 days until the historic General Election of 2012.  I don’t have to tell you what is at stake.  With the recent ruling of the Supreme Court we have the largest tax increase in the history of our country looming in the near future.  We also have a President who has unilaterally and repeatedly set aside laws established by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court with unprecedented dictatorial Executive Orders concerning illegal immigration.  Our country has never been more divided.

     We only have 125 days to change the direction of our State as well.  Governor Kitzhaber, along with our Democrat controlled Senate, has already opened the doors to Obamacare and taken control of the education of our preschool children, racking up billions in unfunded liabilities to pass onto the next generation.  We have a 30/30 State House of Representatives and a one seat disadvantage in the State Senate.  More than ever we need your help to bring sanity and restraint back to our government.

     Over the next few weeks we will be assembling 7 teams, one in each House District to help our Candidates.  We will knock on doors and make phone calls to assure our candidates the best possible chance to bring majorities back to the House and Senate and we need you to rise to this historical and critical task.

As you celebrate your cherished Independence on this important day, please commit to joining one of our teams and help us get the kind of women and men elected who can make a positive difference to our future and the future of our children.  It’s easy to get signed up, just pick up the phone and call:
Laura Cooper     541-302-6527

Laura will put you in touch with your team leader who can fill you in on the rest of the details and provide the orientation you will need to participate.
Please join me in our fight for freedom; your help is vital to our success.  Please pick up the phone and call now to volunteer.

Yours for a free America and State of Oregon,        

Loren C. Later
Chairman, Lane County GOP