Our First Debate Watch Party - Scores a 10!

Jenn Perry, one of our newest PCP's has been doing more than her share of volunteering at Jenn & Patriot Voicesthe office during this busy campaign season.  The office phone had been ringing off the hook with calls from the media asking if and where the Republican Party was going to have watch parties during the debates.  "Well Why Not!" she thought, and took it upon herself to organize the potluck debate watch party in less than a week! 

The announcement was posted on our website and picked up the very next day by Senator Rick Santorum - founder of Patriot Voices.  Senator Santorum called Jenn and invited her to have our watch party join his private live streaming webcast just before the debate.  Watch Parties from all across America were online with us -  we were the only Watch Party from Oregon invited to join!

More than fifty people attended the watch party, new and familiar faces alike.  Conversations were abuzz in anticipation of the event.  Lauren Mickler from KEZI was there also to catch the action on video.

Before the events began, our Chair Loren Later addressed the gathering emphasizing the importance of this years' election and encouraged people to stay engaged by signing up for our electronic newsletter and email alerts.

What could make this event even more enjoyable?  FOOD!  There was more food there than you could shake a stick at, nobody went away hungry! 

Plates were filled before the debate began and even though we were busy eating, comments and guffaws were not spared when the Imposter in Chief would spew out lies to the American people and at or about challenger Mitt Romney. 

As expected, Mitt Romney exposed Obama's record to the world; higher unemployment than when Obama took office, foodstamp recipient numbers have doubled, national debt up 5 trillion dollars and growing, gas prices have more than doubled, our national oil production is down, and the fact that it took Obama two weeks to let the American people know it was a terrorist attack on our embassy in Libya - not the spontaneous riot he and the administration had been feeding us.

Though Obama did do better than his previous empty chair debate because his coaches told him to stop looking at the floor and gritting his teeth, he still did not give any specifics on fixing the economy and you should have seen him back-track and crying to Candy the moderator to change the subject when Mitt started asking him about Obama's foreign investments.  Not surprisingly, Candy came to Barack's rescue and cut Mitt off, extending life-lines to Obama several times throughout the debate.

Thank you Jenn for such a great event - the first of many to come!!   The next and final presidential debate will be Monday, October 22.  We will be having another potluck watch party, same place, come join the fun!  Doors open at 5:30 pm.  2225 Coburg Rd, Eugene